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A few steps that we advise our esteemed authors to follow:

If you have just finished writing your book, your manuscript most likely needs more work. You would like to re-read the manuscript, correct any mistakes or re-write certain portions so that they are more readable. You may need somebody to read and edit the manuscript and to do this, you may want to avail professional help. If you want to take professional help, you can avail our Editing Services. If you want a thorough editing of the text to ensure good readability and professional finish or just need a final round of proof-reading and copy-editing before typesetting and printing the book then you can avail our editing services.

After editing and proof-reading, your manuscript is ready.

And yet, a  book cannot be considered ready until there is a cover to accompany it. You can select a list of options from our archive of artwork of eminent artists to feature in your book cover or allow our experts to create digital images to suit your requirements.

After the actual content is ready, it needs to go in a format that looks good when printed. You can go for our DTP software for advanced control.

Actual work involved in editing may vary depending on the state of the manuscript submitted and also on how much editorial intervention you want in your manuscript.
We offer three kinds of editing

  • Level 1 (Interactive Rewriting): The most involved level of editing includes detailed editorial feedback on the content, structure, flow, composition, story-telling etc. The editor may give several rewriting suggestions. If you want to go for this level of editing, it is important to ensure that you have enough time in hand so that you can work on rewriting parts of the book, if required.

  • Level 2 (Substantive Language Editing): Next level, and the most popular level of editing with our authors, is substantive language editing. The scope here includes sentence rewriting, word replacement etc. for improving the readability or impact, apart from taking care of grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, punctuations etc.

  • Level 3 (Proofreading): The final level of editing is suitable for the manuscripts that have already gone through at least one round of editing. This round takes care of grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes that might have been overlooked in the first round of editing.

The charges for editing vary depending on the genre and quality of manuscript submitted. Once the manuscript is ready from your side, we are then ready to undertake the effective method of printing plans. Currently, we are accepting new signups from the existing packages with a time limit of 3-5 months. We will be back with new and improved offers.


Wordsmith Publishers’ Terms & Conditions


1. An agreement letter is to be duly signed by the author. This is the first step towards acceptance of order to print/publish a book by WP.


2. The final cost shall be agreed upon by the author from the list of quotations for books to be published under WP available in the website:www.wordsmithpublishers.com. A category once decided upon cannot be changed or revoked.

3. An advance payment of Rs.10000/ is mandatory at the time of submission of manuscript


4.The book once agreed to be published under WP cannot be decided by the author to be published elsewhere and if done so, the advanced payment of Rs.10000/ will be deducted.


5. All DTP, layout , design, editing, proofreading jobs will include the preliminary step and then the first draft will be sent to the author for further examination. An additional cost is to be paid towards these service @ 25% of the total cost of publishing/printing the book.


6.  The book if necessary shall be kept in POD format for future printing purposes.


7. If the copyright remains with WP, the house shall undertake the sale & distribution of books published through recognized national/state level book distributors at a fee of Rs.5,000/ per year.


8. All WP books are sent for review to national/ state review boards/ literary houses.


9. A 10% payment on the sale proceeds of the published book from the date of completion of 1 year of the date of publication shall be paid to the author. A regular update shall be made available to the author regarding the % of sale of book each year.


10. If the copyright is agreed to be with the author, then the house shall not undertake sale and distribution of the published book.


Rupanjali Baruah
WordSmith Publishers.


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