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Sabd is a unique creative approach from Guwahati based WorIdSmith Publishers to bring together several genres and breathe new life into its seasonal editions. It is particular about publishing English poetry and short fictions in translation and original and in addition encourage through each individual publications play/film scripts, art, music and book reviews, write-ups on socio-cultural heritages, excerpts from novels and promote new works from young writers. It would appreciate world wide contributions in this regard which would enrich the habit of English reading in an era of fast paced web journals and thus create a new network among writers and readers.

Eminent artworks compliment each genre in sabd which reflect its aesthetic appeal throughout and would thrive to do so in every forthcoming issue.

Published Works

A Landmark in Publishing:


Wordsmith Publishers published MANIPUR TRILOGY. For the first time in the history of Assam’s publishing arena, a new book on the life & achievementsof Ratan Thiyam( Manipur) has arrived.

RatanThiyam is a cherished name in the realm of Indian drama. He has broughtlaurels as a playwright and director not just to Manipur but to theentire nation. His plays have been staged across the globe in more than40 cities. He has won numerous prestigious awards including the recent Rockefeller award and the Dlitt from Viswa Bharati. His Chorus Repertory Theatre which was set up in 1976 has contributed immensely to the world of Manipur theatre and its performing arts. Ratan Thiyam’s plays focuson contemporary socio-political issues where violence, strife and bloodshed are common features and yet the artist in him seeks a glimmerof hope.

Wordsmith Publishers brought out Ratan Thiyam’s ManipurTrilogy in April this year which is a collection of three of his highly acclaimed plays in their English translations, they are Nine hills, Onevalley, Prologue and My Earth, My Love. T. Bijoy Kumar Singh’s hasmanaged to retain the original flavour of the Manipuri text through hisdeft and expert translations. Manipur Trilogy is edited by RupanjaliBaruah and is published by her.

One hopes that Manipur Trilogy will be well received by the literary world.

Rupanjali Baruah wrote in her editor’s note :

Ratan Thiyam’s reticence about the overpowering facet of violence becomes sublimated as he reflects on thevalue of believing that someday the proverbial lights would be lit onhis nine hills to take away the shadows that threaten to quell all hopeof living. Faces of survivors of violence speak of truth, theirutterances are a kind of breathing new faith into those who are wont toremain ignorant of the prevailing triumph of good over evil. Thiyam’smessages dissolve all differences of thought, he turns every episode, beit the past or the contemporary scenes, to enact a splendid epoch. Hetakes his audiences back into the annals of time where demons, emanationof mystic angels and the horrors of the holocaust seem close to real. Heheralds a blissful time though aware that the heretics of death aresomewhere lurking near by.

PRICE: Rs.300/

2. Sabd Vol I , English Journal, First Issue (Autumn edition), 2006, released by Preity Gill, Chief Editor, Zubaan at Guwahati.

3. Sabd Vol I , English Journal, Second Issue (Spring edition), 2007, released by Hiren Bhattacharjee, Sahitya Akademi Award Winner Poet at Guwahati.

4. Sabd Vol I , English Journal, Third Issue (Winter edition), 2009, released by Ratan Thiyam, eminent Dramatist at Guwahati.

5. Sabd Vol II - English Journal, First Issue (Winter edition online), 2010, released by Dr. Anamika, eminent Writer at Oxford Book Store, New Delhi.

6. A New book titled "Janajati Agenda aru Asomor bhabisyat " Assamese collection of articles by renowned Writer / Journalist Sri Gauri Shankar Kalita, 2009., released by Homen Borgohain, eminent Writer/Journalist at Guwahati.

7. A Wayside Story - An English Novella by Rypanjali Baruah, 2010, released by Alok Bhalla, eminent Writer-Translator at Oxford Book Store, New Delhi.

8. Shells of Expression - English Poetry collection of Shrutimala Duara, 2009, released at Northeast Writers Forum Meet at Shillong.

9. Another Voyage - English Poetry collection of Bipin Patsani.

10. Homecoming - English Poetry collection of Bipin Patsani.

11. Ripples - English Poetry collection of Arbind Dubey.

12. Tranquil Musings - English Poetry collection of Saikh Md. Sabah Al-Ahmed, 2010, released by Mark Tally at Southeast Asia Literary Meet, Guwahati.