New Endeavour

Wordsmith Publishers with its creative team of Rupanjali Baruah, Syed Miraj Ahmed,Abhijit Rabha, Aiushman Dutta is currently undertaking 15 WORKSHOPS ON SHORT STORY WRITING IN SCHOOLS & COLLEGES OF ASSAM.

The workshop is aimed to promote and expand the spirit for creative writing among young students who have interest in this field.This project is a way to provide answer to various queries in the young minds regarding the whole forte of writing. It encourages participants to speak about their interests & experiences in creative writing, it discusses issues such as - why write short stories, provide introductionon short-story writing with case studies of thriller, adventure, ghost,romance, sob stories, fairy tales. It gives directions through wordgames, identification of texture, diction, rhythm/pronunciation, wordsin pairs, synonyms, antonyms, homonyms & palindromes. Importance of writing (cite blogging).

Film Watch :
A Force More Powerful, Sacred Planet, Inconvenient Truth etc & Slide Shows by artists are some of the highlights of these workshops.

Wordsmith Publishers has conducted 2 workshops in Aug 2008 in Gurukul Grammar Senior Secondary School,Geetanagar, Guwahati & Maria’s Public School, Birkuchi, Guwahati.

Ananthology of 20 best short fictions selected from these workshops will be published by Wordsmith Publishers this year.

Guest writers,artists, poets, artists and drama/ and film personalities for the workshops include Natwar Thakkar, Maushumi Kandali, Dr. B.C.Rajkumar, T.Bijoy Singh, Mamang Dai, Dilip Tamuly, Munin Bhattacharya, Debananda Ulup, Raj Kr Majinder,Pankaj Thakur.

Wordsmith Publishers plans to hold such workshops every year to provide guidance and instructions on creative writing in English under the able supervision of eminent writers to the participants. This would enable us to discover new talents and provide the much needed recognition of the creative skills of these young writers.

1. "In Waiting"- a recitation VCD of Rupanjali Baruah's rendering of her English poems are Available.
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