Forthcoming Publications


1. Sabd: VolII - Bi-Lingual Issue - I
2. My Tryst With Deputy Commissioners: Memoir By Nagendra Nath Kataky
3. Assam Artists’ Monographs By rupanjali baruah
a) Sobha Brahma
b) Neel Pawan Baruah
c) Pulak Gogoi
d) Dilip Tamuly
e) Kishor  Kumar Das
f)  Subhakar Laskar
4. Sylvan Song: English Translations Of Hiren Bhattacharya’s Assamese Poems By Rupanjali Baruah
5. Collection of English Translations Of  22 Best Assamese Fictions By rupanjali baruah
6. Assamese Short Fictions Book In Braille
7. Audio CD Of Burhi Aair Xadhu: Voiceover By rupanjali baruah
8. Audio CD Of Hiren Bhattacharya’s Assamese Poems Voiceover By rupanjali baruah
9. Assamese Translation Of Protibha Bosu’s Bengali Book: Mahabharoter Maharanye  By rupanjali baruah
10. Assamese Translation Of Green Gardener: Collection of English Short Fictions Of
Jayanta Mahapatra By rupanjali Baruah
11. Arogya Prabah , Rupanjali Baruah’ Assamese Translation of Healing Current by B K Chandrashekhar Tiwary
Editor: rupanjali baruah
Associate Editor: Syed Miraz Ahmed
Creative Editor: Ronjon Dhar Baruah


1. Monograph of
(A) Neel Pawan Baruah
(B) Ganesh Gohain
(C) Pulak Gogoi
(D) Dilip Tamuly

2. A Coffee - Table book documenting the life and art work of fifty and more artists of Assam.

3. Archive Northeast will shortly be set up to preserve and document significant folk and tribal art, translation of eminent Assamese poetry and fiction into English, collection of old Assamese music and movies, documentaries on tribes of Assam and eminent personalities of the Northeast...

4. An anthology of Short Fiction by young writers from Assam selected through the Creative Writing Workshops is on the anvil.

5. A Collection of Assamese Stories by Rupanjali Baruah.

6. The Road Alone, English Novel by Rupanjali Baruah.

7. A book of English Translation of Assamese Short Stories is on the anvil.

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