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"A Wayside Story" launch of the book, written by Rupanjali Baruah, happened at Oxford BookStore, Statesman House, 1st Floor, Barakhamba Road - 5pm on 26th February 2010

Event Details : Oxford Bookstore, New Delhi in association with Antarnaad, a literary forum of Sppace (Society for the Promotion of Professional Academic and Cultural Excellence) is hosting the launch of the book ‘A Wayside Story’ by Rupanjali Baruah, renowned poet and writer. The novel explores love through a relationship between a young man and a mature older woman. The novel will be unveiled by Dr Alok Bhalla (Professor of English Literature at the Central Institute of English & Foreign Languages, Hyderabad currently a visiting professor of English at Jamia Millia), followed by the online launch of SABD, a tri – monthly international journal published by WordSmith publishers on art, poetry, fiction, non fiction, theater, music, book/film reviews & critical essays from with artwork from artists.

RUPANJALI BARUAH WRITES ABOUT HER NOVELLA - The novella ‘A Wayside Story’ happened during my recent visit to Dubai in August 2009. The experiences in such an exotic land was truly overwhelming and this extraordinary setting gave birth to the idea of an extraordinary story of a relationship between a young man and a mature older woman in search of a new meaning of love. These fictional characters Siddhartha & Minnie see how love is cherished and then it is suddenly lost like a wasted thing when it comes to be measured in terms of money. Though Siddhartha & Minnie discover a true haven, fate had something different written for them especially for Minnie’s mature emotional stability: to her, Siddhartha had been the complete man and soon he emerges as a selfish squandering person taking away every bit of money that she had with her through false pretences. She is ravaged by the façade that she now sees behind Siddhartha, that he is in fact an ambitious young man who will not stop at anything to seize the opportunity to make quick money. The disparity in their age, culture, and upbringing becomes the final reason to part; this is the shattering in Minnie’s world that is made to appear through her memories of days spent in Dubai and her present barren existence without Siddhartha.

The novella therefore moves between now & then to show the consciousness in Minnie as her reflections take her back and forth through all the happy moments and the following devastations that make her lose all clarity in life. There are abstract treatments of certain psychological states where incidents and their impressions on Minnie verge on poetic expansion of feeling. There are verses at the beginning to support the feelings in each page. And so the final feeling of both Siddhartha& Minie is left inconclusive – let us not know whether they meet again back in India, because a violent blast at the airport separates them though a hope is left lurking that love can happen again in another surrounding , at the most unexpected place or setting, between these two individuals though still living with a lot of disparities. Let their love remain silent, glorious as it should be.


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