When will the Lord repay?


The thorns of a crimson rose,
or the hurt of a love’s that true;
Lasts long and lives forever
like in a dream, a dark hue…

For the whims of life, we forget
like a passing fancy of day
but the pain of an unfulfilled dream lingers,
in the walk of life, all way…

Yet when the hush of a tear
or the whisper of a prayer,
will all cease someday;
When the heart will go silent ,
and the eyes will stop to dream
then the lord shall repay-

For all the tears that have been shed
for all the dreams that have been shown;
For the love which died unrequited
and for the truth unknown…

And then the flower of love shall bloom
and from the heavens a blessing will chime,
praising the lord and his love
-till the end of the blissful time…