Withered Roses

There’s a sad  plea in your eyes today,
which tears my heart, each time I glance
I espied a silent tear roll your cheek,
whilst you wiped away in vain pretence…

Withered roses once blossomed your way,
those rainbow dreams and stars you gazed…
Yet all droop now, with your smile;
The smile that once warmed my winter days…

I hear a dirge in your placid voice
that once chirped long, until clam dismayed ,
yet now your silence maims me more
chiselling a scar that can never fade…

You conceal a wish in your every tear
cry for your days to shine again,
Hope still burn like dying embers
yet your smile…why does it wane?

There’s a sad plea in your eyes today,
yet those withered roses, once blossomed your way…