Tomorrow will never come…

Today I shed some tears of pain,
please don’t be there to cry with me
Today I walk upon some of my broken hopes
please don’t follow me…

Today my horizon is dark
please don’t try to show me dreams
Today I find solace in loneliness
so please don’t company…

Today I wish to gaze into the stars at night
please don’t coax me to close my eyes
Today I want to soothe my heavy heart
please don’t be near to hush my cries…

Today let me drench in the icy rain
please don’t come and cover me
Today I want to fight the world alone
so please don’t protect me…

Yet if tomorrow my dreams turn into dust
will you be there to ease my plight,
if I say I fear the dark
will you be there, to hold me tight?

Tomorrow if I need a shoulder to cry upon
then will you be there to dry my pain?
Tomorrow if I say I love you
will it ever be the same again?