A friend

When a drop of tear dries,
when a broken heart is mend ;
When a stormy day turns bright
know that beside you , there is your friend…

If you are consoled in your bitter days,
if you are slipping and find a helping hand;
If someone’s presence makes your day
know that it is the care of a friend…

When joys multiply and woes lessen,
when you feel a cover that would always defend;
When life seems beautiful , even through darkness
know that it is the love of a friend…

If something near you is crystal clear,
pure at core and nothing under pretend;
If it’s shine sparkle in our soul
know that it is the love of a friend…

True friends are hard to find,
bogus friends are too many;
Yet for great friends , its hard to define
what they hear, even in a speechless company…