A tribute to all those who lost their daughters to the world, all the people who had the courage to accept fate, all the parents who never knew when they’d last seen their child, the last words they spoke, the wishes their child had- sill in their heart while they were transformed into Angels…and they light up the night with tiny lanterns called stars ,every time, to show their parents that the brightest pearls are found in the darkest and deepest seas…

A father sleeps on the cold earth
and devours the vastness of the sky,
and yet a single teardrop
rolls down one eye.

He sees his little girl ‘Roshni’
among the twinkling stars,
playing among the tiny lanterns
yet his hands don’t reach that far…

He whispers into the night
and prays for the lord to keep safe-
the only joy he had,
the only gift the Lord gave…

He watches her one last time
and sees her smiling face
returns back to her grave
- his last resting place…