Our love

Every moment I feel you near,
although you may be much apart
Within a short span of time
you seem to have conquered my soul and heart…

A single day without your voice,
steals away my sleep.
If I hurt you in any way
for hours it makes me weep…

My eyes keep picturing your face
words keep playing in my mind;
Never met anyone like you
none like you, will I ever find…

I may make mistakes.
Correct me, when I go wrong;
For I never wish to hurt you,
and only to you I want to belong…

When you smile, and make me too,
I get mesmerised by your love so true;
Yet if you feel my love’s fragile
just remember , I love you…

Hope you’ll always remain the same
and you’re never going to say goodbye;
For I want to be in your arms
while I live, blossom and die…