Mist of questions

 Have I cried enough
to long for a twinkling smile?
Have I learned enough
or there are still some things to know?
Have I seen enough
to forget my own visage?
Yet have I held enough
to let go?

Have I fallen enough
to boldly stand?
Hated enough for it to burn away?
Are my dreams crushed enough,
to shape them with my tears
Chained enough,
to wend my own way?

Am I grounded enough
to withstand all torments
Is my soul enlightened enough
to touch the zenith of salvation?
To I believe enough
to forget what doubt is?
Guilty enough to seal confession..?

Have I died enough
to know what life is?
Loved enough
for it to ever last?
Cared enough
to make them all feel;
The emotions that I hide,
the pain that my lips conceal