In the moonlight, before dawn…

Silver strips of moonlight
peered through the drapes,
whilst I lay in the shadows
and my thoughts escapes …

To the wilderness of time
-a time bygone.
When I saw a stranger
in the moonlight, before dawn.

There he stood,
with eyes of truth;
Whilst his cheeks
beheld his youth.

A twinkling smile,
gem of the face.
Yet a solidarity
in his every pace…

Enchanted in the entrancing twilight,
I stood bewitched in the lawn;
Whilst he neared, whilst I feared
in the moonlight, before dawn…

His eyes were weary
- yet arcane.
In its depth, I saw them beam
or did it just hide a pain?


He then neared
and touched my cheek,
bewitched again
he left me weak…

He tried to speak,
but smiled instead
and stretched his hand
enfolding roses of crimson red..!

And then he turned
and veered away,
towards his destiny
before the break of day.

And still today , I wait for him
for I know he will come one day,
and whisk me away from the darkness
to our heaven, far away…