Profile ...

Name: Rupanjali Baruah

Postal Address: Editor/Proprietor, WordSmith Publishers,

31, Krishnanagar, Chandmari, P.O.Silpukhuri, Guwahati,

PIN:781003, Assam, India.

Educational Qualification:

MA (English) from Gauhati University, Assam

Work Experience: Rupanjali Baruah has been a creative writer, publisher, editor, translator for last 20 years.

Present Occupation:
Rupanjali Baruah is a freelance writer, poet, artist, art critic, translator, editor, publisher & film maker having published her poems, short stories, book reviews and articles on art & culture in leading newspapers and journals both local & national namely Indian literature, Chandrabhaga, Poet, Quest, Replica, SABD, Yatra, New Frontiers, Eternity, Canvas, The Telegraph, The Sentinel and Art & Deal, The Criterion, The Brown Critique and many others.

Rupanjali Baruah has contributed her writings on the art scene and artists of Assam for the last fifteen years which has given the attention to the artworks of eminent artists of Assam namely Sobha Brahma, Neel Pawan Baruah, Pulak Gogoi , Dilip Tamuli, Kishor Kumar Das and many others. She has written two significant catalogues on the art work of Assam artists which have been showcased in Bangalore, Johannesburg & London.


Rupanjali Baruah is currently writing a coffee table book on 50 eminent artists of Assam and their art work which would be the first documented work of this stature to be published from Assam.

Rupanjali Baruah’s own abstract art work has been reviewed and appreciated by Sandhya Boredewekar in Art India, a leading national art journal of India in September 2006.

A self- taught artist, Rupanjali Baruah works in the following fields- abstract landscapes on matchboxes, newspaper and printed paper using both oil and acrylic, oil on canvas and mixed media. Her solo exhibitions held in Jan 2004 at Gallery Artists’ Guild, Guwahati, at Don Bosco Institute Guwahati & Gymkhana Club Guwahati in 2006 were titled Windows, Beyond Windows & Far Away Windows respectively through which different perspectives of the abstract concepts and visions were communicated together with the recitation of her own poems by her to the accompaniment of music on the piano.


Rupanjali Baruah has translated several eminent poems & short stories & novels from Assamese into English & vice versa; they include poems of Sahitya Akademi award winning poet Hiren Bhattachaya, Nilim Kumar, Atanu Bhattacharya, and short stories of several eminent Assamese writers namely Apurba Sarma, Mousumi Kandali, Atanu Bhattacharya, Kula Saikia, Dr. Apurba Saikia, Arupa Kalita Patangia, & Pankaj Thakur, the novel of Abdus Samad as well as 6 Assamese translations of English short stories of Jayanta Mahapatra, Odisha. All of these translated works have been published in local/national newspapers/ journals. Her published English original & translation works of Assamese poems, short fiction & novel are as follows:

Rupanjali Baruah’s first book of English poems titled “All Things Passing” and first book of English short stories “Amrita & other stories” were published by P.Lal, Writers’ Workshop, Kolkata in 2005. “Amrita & other stories” has been reviewed in Journal of Commonwealth Literature 2006.published by Sage Publication.

Rupanjali Baruah’s English translations of Assamese poems have been published in Penguin titled “Dancing Earth”

Oxford University Press published two collections titled “The Oxford Anthology of Writings from North-East India, Fiction,” &  “The Oxford Anthology of Writings from North-East India, Poetry & Essays” published Rupanjali Baruah’s English translations of Assamese poetry & short fiction .


Sahitya Akadem’s collection i titled “Splendor on the grass” published Rupanjali Baruah’s English translation of Assamese short fiction

Katha, New Delhi published a collection of English translations of Assamese short fiction titled “Assamese handpicked fictions” where Rupanjali Baruah’s English translated story was published..

Rupanjali Baruah’s English translations of 5 Assamese short fictions in a collection titled “The heart is a secure address” was published by N.L.Publications.

SABD; an international English journal edited by Rupanjali Baruah published her several of her English translations of Assamese poetry & short fiction

Yatra; a journal of English Translations published Rupanjali Baruah’s English translations of Assamese short fiction

Rupanjali Baruah translated into English Abdus Samad’s Assamese novel, “Herai powa prithivi.” titled “New found land.”  

Recently Rupanjali Baruah’s translation project under Sahitya Akademi, Kolkata to translate Sahitya Akademi award winner 2000, Apurba Sarma’s short story collection, titled “Baghe Tapur Rati has been completed and will be published this year..

A book of Rupanjali Baruah’s own Assamese translations of her English short stories is underway from WordSmith Publishers.

A collection of Rupanjali Baruah’s English translations of 20 best Assamese short stories are on the anvil.

Two short films titled “In waiting” & “Sasorasor” have been produced and directed by Rupanjali Baruah and they have earned her much appreciation in the field of short film making.

Rupanjali Baruah wrote the script of the first play staged by the children of Assam Police titled Rail Khelo Aha at the Spring Festival, 2006.

A book of drama edited by Rupanjali Baruah Rail Khelo Aha has been published in Asssamese in 2013 under WordSmith Publishers.

Rupanjali Baruah has conducted 12 Creative writing workshops on creative writing in English in the English medium schools in Guwahati, Assam. An Anthology of 40 best short fictions by the youngest writers of Assam selected from these workshops is to be published this year. This will be the first documented English fiction of youngest writers of Assam.

Rupanjali Baruah published the first Anthology of prize winning short fiction of Assam police family members titled Jibonor Rong in 2012.

Rupanjali Baruah is currently the editor/publisher of Wordsmith Publishers, Guwahati which publishes an international English literary journal named ‘SABD’ which showcases the art, literature & culture of Assam & the Northeast together with those from the rest of India & abroad. The first issue of ‘SABD’ (Autumn) was released by Preity Gill senior Editor Zubaan on 5th Dec 2006.The second issue (Spring) was released in June 2007 by Hiren Bhattacharya & The Third issue (Winter) was released by Ratan Thiyam in April 2008. Rupanjali Baruah visited Dubai in August 2009 to participate in an art fair.

Rupanjali Baruah’s first English Novella ‘A Wayside Story’ was released in February 2010 at Oxford Bookstore, New Delhi.

The first online issue of "SABD" (Winter) of Vol II edited by Rupanjali Baruah was also launched on the same occasion on 26th Feb 2010.

Rupanjali Baruah published Midsummer survival lyrics, a poetry collection by Mamang Dai in 2014.

Rupanjali Baruah published Hundred Epilogues, a poetry collection by Jyotishman Debnath in 2014.

Rupanjali Baruah edited & published Anthology of Young Authors in September 2015, a collection of 35 best short fictions picked up from a series of Creative Writing Workshops in city schools.

Rupanjali Baruah’s first English novel “The Road Alone” & her second novel titled 'Rosalie’ are ready to be published.

Rupanjali Baruah lives with her family in Guwahati, Assam. She has one son Ronjon.